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What​ is the cost of Metro's Investigative Services?

Some basic services are available at a flat rate, but some services, such as surveillance, can vary depending on the length of the service, the information sought, and other important factors. The most effective outcome is achieved with an investigative plan customized to the needs of each client.

What types of Investigations does Metro Offer?

Our firm specializes in providing claims surveillance to corporate clients. We offer some services to the general public such as process serving, investigative research and paralegal services. Please be advised we no longer offer infidelity or child custody investigations and our surveillance services are reserved for corporate clients only. 

Are Private Investigators required to be Licensed in Newfoundland?

Private Investigators in Newfoundland are governed by the Province's Investigations Act. The Act requires Private Investigators and Investigation Agencies to be Licensed through Service NL. Private Investigators have to be Licensed to work professionally. In order for information gathered by a Private Investigator to be legally acceptable, it must be gathered by a Licensed Investigator who follows established protocols.

What is Metro's privacy policy and are Investigations kept confidential​?

Our Private Investigators are professionals that work within ethical and legal standards. We follow federal and provincial Privacy Laws such as PIPEDA also known as the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. This Act governs the use, collection, and disclosure of client data. We immediately declare any potential conflict of interest to clients, when an investigation is requested, and all information is kept strictly confidential.

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